Cro Combat Centar

... situated next to Krka National Park, it is a modern venue for athletes training for combat sports. At one with nature, it offers unique opportunities as a professional training camp…

Exclusive Accomodation

... Situated by the Adriatic Sea, the accommodation facility is well suited for the Sports Center, offering comfort with privacy…

Rural Tourism

Our program provides rural tourism accommodation in the small town Vacani, near Skradin. 10-minute drive is required to open a different perspective on the notion of people living in harmony with nature.

From pre-Roman times onwards, numerous monuments and archaeological sites tell about the rich cultural history of this region.

Practicing agriculture with emphasis on olives and olive oil, wine, figs, almonds and walnuts, today is a key of economic activity in this place. Poverty has many negative faces, but in our case, it allows us the existence of complete ecological production of vegetables, fruits and meat from native varieties.

Accommodation is organized in renovated facilities that offer all the comfort that can make your stay pleasant.

Participation in picking olives or grapes, almonds and figs, hunt small or big game, bike tours - are just some of the activities we offer.

Or perhaps escape from civilization?